Monday, June 24, 2013

500 Ducky

Name: 500 Ducky
Interests: Cats
Where to Find: Gramma’s Toy Shop (a second hand toy shop, purchased in 2010)
Brand: Unknown
Price: $2.00 Cdn

Party for 500.

500 Ducky is named 500 because this is my 500th blog post! To celebrate, he is hosting a party with 500 duckies. It will be grand with ballroom dancing, champagne and chocolate fountains with fruit. At the end of the party, all the duckies are going to swim in the chocolate fountain.

500 Ducky loves cats. His kitty Greyworm is featured in the photo with him. He has 6 cats. Ducky 500 is also a light up ducky so I suspect he might have originally been from the dollarstore.

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