Saturday, June 22, 2013

Non-slip Duckies

Name: Non-slip Duckies 
Interests: Keeping everyone safe in the tub and shower and teaching First Aid
Where to Find: When Pigs Fly (top left), Wal-Mart (bottom right)
Brand: Prestig Inc (top left), MainStays (bottom right)
Price: $6.99 Cdn for the When Pigs Fly set.

Suc-suc suction.

Non-slip Duckies teach First Aid full-time. The first set of Non-slip duckies resembles a real ducky as opposed to a rubber ducky. The set on the bottom right looks like a generic ducky and the middle set looks like Ernie’s rubber ducky (I don’t know how much this set cost of where it was purchased).. Each set contains 6 duckies and each ducky has a crazy strong suction grip. It takes a lot of effort to peel these puppies off your tub floor.

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