Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pirates of the Pond Duckies

Name: Pirates of the Pond Duckies
Interests: Swimming, sailing, eating fresh shrimp and flirting with merduckies.
Where to Find: Elephants Never Forget (no longer in business), Old Strathcona Farmer’s market, Why Not (in Alexandria, VA)
Brand: Schylling, Oriental Trading Company, Toysmith
Price: $4.50 Cdn each (first two), $3.00 Cdn, $3.00 US

Quack Matie.

The two pirate duckies on the left are Schylling brand and are from Elephants Never Forget. They are some of the first duckies that I purchased and I used to go to this neat store in the 124th street area in Edmonton quite often for duckies. They also had a large assortment of other toys too. The first ducky in the blue pirate hat is holding a sword in his right wing. The sword matches the sword on his hat. The second ducky is holding a gun in his right wing and is missing his left eye from an accident when he was fighting the first pirate ducky.

The third ducky is the son of the second ducky and he wears a patch on the same eye to look cool like his Dad. He is Oriental Trading Company brand and is from the Old Strathcona Farmer’s market. The last ducky is a squirter pirate ducky for the tub and he wears his eye patch to avoid getting water in his right eye. Each day he changes up which eye the patch is on. He is from the US and I bought him during a business trip.

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