Friday, February 7, 2014

Transportation Duckies

Name: Transportation Duckies
Interests: Travelling on the Eurorail.
Where to Find: Zydeco Gifts
Brand: Oriental Trading Company
Price: $1.98 Cdn each

How will you get there?

Transportation Duckies complete any kids’ bedroom decor. We recently bought my son a sailboat toddler bed off, so the sailboat ducky is a nice touch to his room. The sailboat ducky is on the far right. If you look at it for too long, it looks like a tug boat. The middle ducky is the train ducky. His favourite colour is red. He has been on trains all over the world. Plane Ducky can fly commercial jets but prefers to fly his small 3 passenger planes. Transportation duckies are a set of 4 with Red Car Ducky.

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