Monday, December 15, 2014

We wish you a Ducky Christmas

Name: Lisa
Interests: Shopping and making people smile.
Where to Find: Lowe’s
Brand: Holiday Living
Price: $87.99
Size: 9.5 feet
Duck’s Mother:
Slogan for the picture: I bet you can’t drive past me without smiling...

It all started when we went for the 2nd Annual Langford Trolley Christmas Light tour. We were viewing the many blown up Christmas decorations on people’s lawns and I saw a hockey player. I thought hmm if they make hockey players I wonder if they make rubber ducks. On Saturday, I did a quick search on the Internet and found this blow up Christmas duck at Lowe’s. However, there is only one Lowe’s in BC and it is on the mainland. They did not ship to Victoria and they only had one ducky left in stock.

Colin knew what had to be done. He hopped on his Ural and caught the next ferry to the mainland. He brought our 9.5 foot ducky home on his motorcyle and we set her up in the living room. Alicia named her Lisa. Tonight we moved her outside. During the set up, two of our neighbours came over to admire her. Now I just have to sew her a few other hats so she can stay on our lawn year round….

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