Friday, January 9, 2015

Resort Living Duckies

Name: Resort Living football, pirate and fire person ducky
Interests: Doing aquasize in the pool.
Where to Find: Walmart
Brand: Funny Toys
Price: 48 pesos ($3.85 Cdn)

We love living in the Riu Palace. 

On the bottom of the ducks it says "Funny Toys Mexico." I am thinking that this means the ducks weren't made in China which is pretty rare for a rubber duck. They aren't the best quality because they are quite cracked on the bottom.

Pirate ducky has a big silver hoop in his right ear, a sword under his right wing and an eye patch on his left eye. Football ducky is wearing a silver helmet and has a football tucked under her right wing. The fire person ducky has a hose under her right wing and an axe under her left wing.

These duckies enjoy their ritzy lifestyle. They are served drinks poolside and beachside 24 hours a day. Every time they enter the dining hall they receive a standing ovation and royalty treatment. This is what life at the palace is all about.

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