Monday, July 31, 2017

Emoji Duckies

Name: Emoji Duckies
Interests: Being expressive and texting.
Where to Find: Claw machine in Westshore Cineplex Odeon
Brand: Rinco
Price: $1.00 each or less depending on how good you are at the claw game.

At the beginning of June, we discovered that Alicia is a natural at the ducky claw game. We spent $13.00 and received 22 duckies and 4 stuffed animals. She perfectly grasped the heart eyed ducky and we managed to move some other duckies out of the way, so we could collect a total of 5 different Emoji duckies. It looks like there is a set of 6, so we were only missing the purple winking emoji ducky. The next time I visited the machine, there weren’t many duckies. However, we managed to get the last emoji ducky in the set, so now I have the complete set of 6!

On July 31, 2016, we went to see the Emoji movie. It was cute. Which is the most popular emojj? Heart eyes or happy face or poop?

Don’t be afraid to show your true feelings.

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