Sunday, May 6, 2018

12th Annual Sooke Ducky Race

I don't have this ducky.

Name: Ducky Race
Interests: Floating
Where to Find: In Sooke, the first Saturday in May.
Brand: Doesn't say
Price: $20.00 for a quack pack (5 duckies to race)

We attended our very first rubber ducky race today. I've always wanted to go to a rubber ducky race. In Grade 8,
when I first started collecttng rubber ducks, my best friend and I bought ducks from Sunridge mall in Calgary. These
ducks were part of a ducky race. I have bought ducks from a ducky race in England before too. I was really looking forward
to buying a Quack pack today, but when we arrived at 11:15 AM all 2500 duckies were sold. Next year, another 500
duckies will be added and I will drive to Sooke to buy early bird ducky tickets.

What is a rubber ducky race?

Ducks are purchased and numbered (usually the money goes to charity) and you are assigned your ducky numbers.
The duck are placed in a body of water. For example, the Sooke River. The first ducky across the finish line is the winner.
The Sooke ducky race had 4 winners with cash prizes.

The ducks took longer to float down the river than I expected and not all the duckies made it across the finish line. Volunteers
kayaked and rescued all the stragglers after the race.

The kids and I were entertained all the way to the end of the event at 3 PM. There were so many ducky games to play
that we didn't even make it to all of them. Here are a few that we played.

 Alicia said this is a duck throwing toast with jam on it.

Duckies packed away in the bins


There were a few ducks that I didn't have. I didn't see anyone selling ducks but there might have been someone
giving them out as prizes at one of the games or there might have been some for sale that we missed. It
would be neat if collectors met up to trade duckies at the event.

I received many compliments on my ducky earrings, necklace and cell phone case.

The kids and I had a great time going quackers today and we are looking forward to next year. Next year, I'll also take some pictures and videos of the ducks floating down the river too.

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