Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pastel Bath and Body Works Duckies

Name: Pastel Duckies
Interests: Easter, Spring and anything bunny related.
Where to Find: Bath and Body Works in WEM
Brand: Bath and Body Works
Price: $6.50 Cdn for the yellow ducky, $4.00 for the blue ducky

Pink Easter ears are the best

Pastel Duckies love Easter. Every year, instead of dying eggs, they dye their beaks. Yellow ducky dyes her beak bright pink and blue ducky dyes her beak light pink.They also grab a loofah and polish and exfoliate their bodies to a beautiful shimmery glow. The yellow ducky quacks and lights up. She has a flower shaped cut out on her tail for the sound to come through. She also has a trapdoor under her so her batteries can be replaced.The blue ducky lights up but once he runs out of juice there is no way to replace his batteries.

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