Friday, April 18, 2014

Squeaky, Chewy, Easter Duckies

Name: Squeaky, Chewy, Easter Duckies
Interests: Annoying people and making them deaf.
Where to Find: Langford PetSmart
Brand: Great Choice
Price: $2.99 Cdn each

 Hop, chew and squeak your way in.

A few Friday nights ago, I had a successful and unplanned rubber ducky shopping evening. I stopped into PetSmart to buy food and treats for our cat. Next to the checkout was a huge bin of squeaker rubber ducky chew toys for dogs. I bought two of them. I bought the ducky in the pink Easter egg and the ducky dressed as a bunny holding the pink Easter egg. On my receipt, I received a coupon for $3.00 off my next purchase, so I went back and bought the ducky holding the blue Easter egg with blue ears and the ducky holding the Easter basket. I have the mini version of these duckies too.

During my same shopping, evening, I went to the DollarTree and found Cottontail. It is amazing how many models of Easter rubber duckies exist.

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