Thursday, May 19, 2016

Elizabeth's 1st Birthday Duckies

Name: Elizabeth’s 1st Birthday Duckies
Interests: Baking and decorating all kinds of desserts
Where to Find:
Brand: Oriental Trading Company
Price: $0.75 including shipping

Sprinkles make the cupcake.

My second daughter is 1 today! She loves rubber duckies, so we had a princess rubber ducky party for her. She was born at home in a relaxing birth pool at 2:33 AM. Every time she feels sad I bring her in my office and she points and smiles at the hundreds of rubber ducks lining my shelves. I used rubber duckies as party favours for my first daughter’s first 4 birthday parties and my son’s first birthday party. These duckies were are Elizabeth's party favours.

The tastiest looking cupcake ducky is the chocolate ducky on the far right. His vanilla friend also has a cherry on her head. The pink and purple ducks are at the party to help decorate and are really just along for the ride. The purple ducky is going in my daughter’s time capsule.

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