Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sidecar Ducky

Name: Sidecar Ducky
Interests: Driving and Dallas Road
Where to Find: Accent Inns (However, this guy came from the Thrift store)
Brand: Unknown
Price: Free when staying at the hotel (I paid $1.00)

“Can you tilt your sidecar?”

Sidecar Ducky is number 899 in my ducky collection. My parents found this ducky for me at a Thrift store in Victoria. I immediately researched Accent Inns and was very excited to learn that this hotel is in Victoria! I love the idea of hotels, restaurants, airlines or any business giving out rubber duckies. Could there be a cuter or friendlier way to represent your brand?

Sidecar Ducky owns a 2013 Ural Patrol. He is an expert at tilting it. The sidecar is equipped with a seatbelt (that he installed himself) for his ducklings. When he isn’t enjoying the scenic drive along Dallas Road, he can be found planning a motorcycle camping trip or his VIGL trip this August.

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