Thursday, December 14, 2017

Aloha Ducky

Name: Aloha Ducky
Interests: Snorkelling
Where to Find: Ka’napali Beach Hotel, (west shore of Maui)
Brand: Assurance
Price: Perhaps free at the hotel? My neighbour gave him to me.

Island Life is Best

I spent a fun morning at Alicia's school making pancakes for her class. When I came home, I had a surprise on my door step. A rubber ducky from Maui! There were also 3 colouring contest sheets from the Expedia cruise centre. Did one of my neighbours go to Hawaii or is this customer appreciation from when we took a trip with Expedia in 2014? I am thinking it has to be from someone we know. The mystery remains. (Update: It turns out that the ducky is from our neighbour. I found this out by quizzing another neighbour.)

Aloha Ducky has been in the hotel and travel industry for quite some time. She makes her own leis and is always ready to snorkel. When she isn’t at the front desk of the Ka’napali Beach Hotel, she can be found giving guided snorkelling tours.

While she is enjoying her stay on Vancouver Island, she is finding that the water requires a wet suit and a lot of getting used to. 

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