Monday, August 5, 2013

Blue Disco Ducky

Name: Blue Disco Ducky
Interests: Bartending and bowling.
Where to Find: Don't remember.
Brand: Schylling
Price: $7.95 Cdn

Watch out for seizures.

Blue Disco Ducky has quite a few lights in him and is the fastest flashing light ducky that I have. I wouldn't recommend looking at him for long because he is hard on the eyes. He flashes blue and red and it almost looks like he has more than one light inside him. He is a translucent blue so the light is really noticeable. He is quite popular at disco night at the bowling alley. During his Saturday night shift at "The Dive" bar, he lights up while he makes hi-balls and pours shots. He is a more expensive flashing ducky because he has a large round pad on his bottom instead of the typical two metal prong sensors. His head and eyes are shaped a bit like an alien.

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