Thursday, August 8, 2013

Loofah Duckies

Name: Loofah Duckies 
Interests: Showering in rainfall styled showers.
Where to Find: Dollarstores
Brand: Varies
Price: $1.00 Cdn each

Who knew there were that many different ducky loofahs.

I have 6 Loofah Duckies. They all love cucumber lime shower gel best. The second loofah from the left in the top row is actually called a pouf. His name is “Wattles the Duck”and he is a trademarked original foamy friend. He was born on December 04, 1997.

The loofah on the top right in the last row is the only loofah that has a rubber ducky attached to it instead of a cloth ducky.Her name is “Doodle Duck” and this is the poem that is on her tag:

“Squeaky clean tu tu’s
enjoy bathtime play
like squirting water,
and water ballet.

Although they like
to steal the scene,
they’re sure to get
you squeaky clean.”

She comes in a kit with a ducky stuck in soap and A ducky holding a toothbrush. The ducky in the box in the first row looks more like a platypus and is called a sponge.

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