Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hunter mini bud Ducky

Name: Hunter Ducky
Interests: Hunting moose and deer and eating moose sausage.
Where to Find: Chicken Scratch
Brand: Bud 2010
Price: $5.00 Cdn on sale

"Where the ducks and the antelope play." 

Chicken Scratch has a great sale on bud mini rubber duckies right now. Instead of the usual $7.95 each they are $5.00 each, so if you are thinking of stocking up now is the time. They have 1970s DJ Ducky, Hunter Ducky, Paparazzi Ducky, Royal Guard Ducky and Pop Icon Ducky.

Hunter Ducky loves playing with water guns. He has been known to initiate some awesome water fights. His team always wins because he is great at sneaking up on people and hiding. When he isn't having water fights he is out hunting. Red plaid and green plaid shirts are his favourite winter cabin gear. He wears clothes that blend in with the outdoors for hunting.

The really cool thing about this ducky is that he is the second bud ducky I have whose hat comes off. My daughter was playing with him and was quite impressed that his hat comes off. Bikerman mini bud ducky also has a removable hat. I wonder what other bud duckies have removable hats?

*Note: This is my last blog post for August. I am taking a small vacation and break because we sold our house and we’re moving provinces. We have two weeks to pack up our house and move. I also have 2 kids and a bad cold to add to the challenge. :-] See you in September.

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