Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Barbie Bird-Ducky from the Etretchy Family

Name: Barbie Bird-Ducky from the Etretchy Family
Interests: Travelling around the world and watching Twilight in French
Where to Find: With a Barbie
Brand: Barbie
Price: Unknown

Tweuack (half tweet have quack)

This half duck have birdy or maybe all birdy Barbie toy is from a little girl whose family we stayed with while travelling around the world in 2009. I know I did my last RTW ducky posts a few weeks ago, but I debated if I can count this ducky as a duck or if it is a bird. I have to blog it because I didn’t find any rubber ducks in France and it was very sweet that on our last day the family we stayed with for free gave me this toy for my collection. I’ll always have fond memories of the Etretchy Family. We enjoyed bonding with them over cheese from Normandy (the best cheese I’ve ever had). They taught us how to eat cheese with just a tiny sliver of French bread and a large glass of red wine.

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