Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tomahawk Ducky

Name: Tomahawk Ducky
Interests: Posing with totem poles, swimming in the restaurant pond and being admired by restaurant guests.
Where to Find: Tomahawk Barbecue 1550 Philip Ave, in Vancouver, BC
Brand: Unknown
Price: $5.00 Cdn each

“Keep Smiling” as it says on the side of the ducky.

Every time we are in Vancouver visiting family, we try to do at least one tourist activity. This weekend my husband found a restaurant that sells rubber ducks. They have a duck pond with “donated ducks” too. I really wanted to have some of these ducks donated to my collection. I saw a few Harrods ducks. I didn’t know Harrods has ducks. I went to this store in England in 2009 but I didn’t see any ducks. I’ve heard of hotels giving out ducks when you stay with them but this was the first restaurant that I have visited that sells rubber ducks. I wonder if ducks are catching on in the airline business. If you fly first class with Lufthansa airlines you receive a rubber ducky.

Tomahawk Ducky is number 898 in my collection. The pattern on her vest looks like part of a map and some parts are shaped like dinosaurs. She has two black feathers in her head piece.

Tomahawk Barbecue has good diner style food - nothing spectacular. It was neat that they have a hamburger with a hot dog on it. I had the steak and mushroom pie which was delicious. Their brunch looked popular and the restaurant is kid friendly.

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