Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Peeps Birdie

NamePeeps Birdie

Interests: Being squished, chocolate coated and sparkled up.
Where to find: Peeps store, 150 National Plaza, Oxon Hill, MD 20745
Brand: Peeps
Price: $1.99 US 

So this isn’t a rubber ducky, but it is a rubber peeps. It’s a bath toy that is the same colour and size as a rubber ducky. However, its shape doesn’t really fit the mold of a rubber ducky’s. It has a bit of a tail and a similar head with no beak, but the way a peep is shaped makes it look like a pile of emoji poop.

I tired a peep for the first time and it was definitely a melt in your mouth gooey marshmallow mess. I’ve heard that they are fun to microwave, so I will experiment with that when I am back home again. 

This peeps loves Ben and Jerry’s Truffle Kerffule

and hanging out in George Washington’s hat on the American Way.

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