Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Star and Moon Duckies

Name: Star and Moon Duckies
Interests: Shopping for Steve Madden shoes, meeting their friends in Walmart.
Where to find: Toys R Us Outlet at Tanger mall,Walmart
Brand: infantino
Price: $1.99 US

When my parents were on the Oregon coast last May, they found these infantino ducks for me. Before that I had the plain blue, green, yellow and pink from our Walmart in Canada, but Walmart in the US has more of these ducks and in many different patterns. I love that each Walmart tends to have different ducks. I am still hoping to pop into a Walmart in Maryland to see if I can find a few more.

Star and Moon Duckies love shopping for shoes at Steve Madden. They are bargain shoppers. They also love hanging out with their friends at Walmart and watching their friends put a smile on kids’ or adults’ faces (each time they are purchased.

Funky Shoes

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