Saturday, May 27, 2017

Poop Emoji Ducky

Name: Poop Emoji Ducky
Interests: playing jokes on people and educating people about proper poop posture
Where to find: Claw machine at Cineplex Odeon on the Westshore
Brand: Rinco
Price: $1.00 or less depending on how many you receive in one try,

From text messaging to instant messenger to Facebook comments, emojis have become the communication norm. They are now available as pillows, purses and the face of beach balls to perhaps the most exciting of all - as a rubber ducky.

Earlier this month, I received a text message for a friend asking if I was home and then telling me to look outside at my lamp. Tucked into my lamp was the one and only Poop Emoji rubber ducky! Of course now I need to collect them all. Since I wasn't very successful with the claw ducky game in Washington, I think I will need to hire my husband to play and win me some ducks. We have been meaning to go and see Guardians of the Galaxy forever, so when we go we will play the ducky game. Poop Emoji Ducky is number 1100 in my collection.

He is friends with the wanna be poop lookalike Peeps Birdie.

Because everyone poops.

Poop posture is a real thing and made a big diference when I was pregnant. 

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