Friday, August 4, 2017

D. Coy - no clay pigeon Ducky

Name: D. Coy - no clay pigeon Ducky
Interests: Swimming and playing Nintendo Duck hunt.
Where to Find: When Pigs Fly on Whyte Avenue
Brand: Rubba Ducks
Price: $17.95 Cdn
Hatched: August 01
Icon on his bum: Mallard duck

I wanted to take a picture of this ducky floating in the pool in the building my Grandma used to live in before she passed away. However, the pool was closed so I wasn’t able to do that. However, I still stood him up on the ledge. This ducky has what at first I thought was a grenade around his neck but it is actually a whistle I believe.

It’s hunting season.

Poem on his tag:

“In no danger, Rick.
I’m trained for the hunt,
Wearing bright orange -
Commando green.

Wading for the
Call of the quacks
From unlimited ducks.
Buckles, my lab, is ready

To retrieve for me.

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