Monday, August 7, 2017

Pilot Ducky from Accent Inns

Name: Pilot Ducky
Interests: Travel and meeting new people
Where to find: Accent Inns, Kamloops
Brand:  Ad-Line Ind., Inc.
Price: Free with a stay at the Accent Inns

It’s always a bit sad when vacation time comes to an end. However,  spending our last night of vacation at my first Accent Inns hotel in Kamloops definitely cheered me up. I was super excited to experience the ducky hotel. Pilot Ducky will hold an extra special place in my heart since he was the ducky waiting in our room for us. We also received motorcycle ducky as well. I was really hoping to get the ducky with the curlers in her hair and the coffee cup, so if you happen to have her and our willing to part with her, I am happy to trade.

This ducky has a slightly larger head than most of my other Accent Inns duckies. This is my 8th Accent Inns ducky. I really want the entire collection and want to blog the entire collection.

It’s too bad our stay was under such smokey conditions with all the forest fires, but we still enjoyed the outdoor pool and so did Pilot Ducky.

Get flying

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