Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hero Ducky

Name: Hero  Ducky
Interests: Volunteering as a firefighter and 13 is his favourite and lucky number
Where to Find: When Pigs Fly on Whyte Avenue
Brand: Rubba Ducks
Price: $17.95 Cdn
Hatched: Feb 20
Icon on his bum: Fire hydrant

Hero is currently helping out with the tons of BC forest fires.

I haven’t seen Rubba Ducks for many years and the only ducks that I have seen are way too expensive on eBay and Amazon Hero Ducky is quite expensive. However, it looks like they have a new website now that actually works ( hasn’t worked for years, but works and is shown on the next snazzy packaging.This means I might be able to complete my perimeter top shelf of being all Rubba Ducks!

I share a favourite number of 13 with Hero.

Poem on his tag:

“Slide down the pole and volunteer
-there is a Hero in all of us.

Every firefighter needs a hose,
Hydrant and a howdy or a hug.

Safety saves lives -
Smoke detector.
Smoke detector.
Smoke detector.

Don’t get burned-remember:


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