Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Volleyball Ducky from Accent Inns

Name: Volleyball Ducky
Interests: Volleyball and more volleyball
Where to Find: Accent Inns, Kamloops
Brand: Ad-Line Ind., Inc. (March 2017)
Price: Free when staying at Accent Inns

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It's always fun to stay at an Accent Inns hotel. The customer service is superb. In the breakfast room, there were a few ducks up high on the wall. I saw one Volleyball ducky and asked if I could have it. The manager said yes. It completely made my ducky day. This is my 9th Accent Inns ducky.

While on the road, Volleyball Ducky knows the importance of sleep before a big game. Therefore, she always chooses Accent Inns for their comfy beds.

So comfy.

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