Monday, September 30, 2013

Hard Boiled Egg Holder Ducky

Name: Hard Boiled Egg Holder Ducky
Interests: Serving the best egg salad sandwiches and potato salads at the restaurant on our farm.
Where to Find: Unknown
Brand: Unknown
Price: Unknown

Join us for lunch.

Hard Boiled Egg Holder Ducky makes great hard boiled eggs. She carries one at a time on her back, cleans her feet well and then mushes up the eggs with her feet for her sandwiches. She owns a farm and serves lunch 3 days a week and brunch two days a week. Every item on the menu is made from scratch with food that she grows on her farm. You can also buy eggs from her chickens and purchase milk from her cows. She has rather close set eyes and always looks a bit baffled but she is really nice and is a great cook.

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