Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rheinturm Ducky

Name: Rheinturm Ducky
Interests: Drinking beer and hanging out in the tower in the evening..
Where to Find: Dusseldorf
Brand: Tower Toys (protected by EU Design Patent)
Price: Unknown

Grobte kirmes am Rhein

Rheinturm Ducky has quite the bling. She is wearing a diamond wedding ring, necklace and bracelet. She is also holding her purse on her left wing. Her purse contains 2 pink tic tacs, Watermelon gum, red lipstick, a comb, a tampon and her wallet. She is holding a beer and a statue of the Rheinturm from the gift shop. She works at Rhine tower. It is a telecommunication tower that has a digital clock going up the tower.

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