Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Euromaus Ducky from Europa Park

Name: Mouse Ducky
Interests: Eating cotton candy and going on roller coasters (not the roller coaster of love).
Where to Find: Europa park Gift shop in Rust, Germany
Brand: Made in China (protected by EU Design Patent)
Price: Unknown

Ride until I puke.

My friends bought me this ducky while they were on vacation. Mouse Ducky is part mouse, part duck but mostly a mouse trapped in a duck’s lower body. He has a tail but has mouse bucked teeth and mouse ears. He always has his arms straight up in the air so he is always ready to ride the roller coasters. This little mouse is the mascot of the park. Europa Park looks like it would be really neat to visit. Each corner of the park is a different theme and there are 8 different roller coasters at the park.

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