Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rubber Ducky Purse from Osaka

Name: Rubber Ducky Purse
Interests: Holding new items every day.
Where to Find: Bones
Brand: Love Channel
Price: $30.00 Cdn

Kawaii (cute)

During our 2009 trip around the world, I bought this purse from a store called Bones in Crysta Nagahori, which is an underground shopping area between metro stops. I love the cuteness of Japanese culture and the different ducky and anime items that some people in other cultures would consider childish. When I first started using this purse, I felt like I was using a kids purse but then I got used to it and was able to pull it off. However, I recently decided to let this purse be my daughter’s first purse. This is what she currently has stored in her purse:

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