Monday, September 16, 2013

Visor Hat Ducky

Name: Visor Hat Ducky
Interests: Climbing anything tall.
Where to Find: Ocean Pool and Spa LTD in Parksville
Brand: Poolmaster, Inc 2002 (Official Splash-Toy™)
Price: $4.28 on sale (reg. $7.14)

I have a tag on my tail.

I love to climb mountains, roofs, steep embankments, hills, and buildings, but my favourite thing to climb are trees. I have climbed trees in Cathedral Grove. A 20 foot tall tree was the first thing that I climbed when I was a tot. I had to climb it to rescue my sister’s pink Barbie frisbee. I’ve also climbed to the top of the Empire State building. I wear my lucky visor for every climb. I’ve never had to use it, but on my tail I have a little tag that sticks out. This is my extra catch for balance in case I am ever falling. I know that this little tag would definitely save me. I can also put a rope through this little tag to haul myself up.

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