Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Punk Ducky from bud

Name: Punk Ducky
Interests: Playing in her punk rock band “dupunks”
Where to Find: Alikatu (on Whyte Avenue; no longer in business)
Brand: Deluxe Ducks Room Interior Products (now bud), 2002
Price: $9.99 Cdn
“DUCK off! Get DUCKED! Duck you!” quote from tag
Punk Ducky is quite the rebel. She still lives at home with her parents in their basements. She has quite the attitude. She has purple hair and even went so far as to dye her beak purple as well. She has an A with a circle around it tattooed to her chest. As far as I can tell from the Internet, this is the symbol for anarchy. She also has the words duck and punk tattooed all over her body.Her band “dupunks” plays at the Duck you Lounge every Thursday night.

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