Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Colourful Generic Trio Duckies

Name: Colourful Generic Trio Duckies
Interests: Playing at the spray park and playground together.
Where to Find: Toy Stores
Brand: Toysmith
Price: $2.00 Cdn each

Spraying, dumping, squirting-spray park!

Colourful Generic Trio Duckies have been friends since preschool and they are all going into grade 6 next year. They love hanging out at the spray parks in the summer. Every day they pack a picnic lunch and go the spray park. They love the spinning palm tree that rains buckets of water on them as they spin it, the turtles that shoot water out of their mouths and the little buckets that pour out a litre of water as soon as they are full. They wish summer could last forever. The purple ducky is a colour changing ducky and turns pink in warm water.

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