Friday, July 12, 2013

Royal Guard Ducky from bud

Name: Royal Guard Ducky
Interests: Getting in a bubble bath after a long shift of standing up and enjoying a good pint.
Where to Find: Chicken Scratch
Brand: Bud
Price: $7.95 Cdn

 “God save the Queen” 

Royal Guard Ducky loves when it is time to change guards. He is often involved in the huge ceremony for the changing of the guards. He is proud to say he has never even once blinked while on duty. Many tourist duckies who visit Buckingham Palace try to get him to blink and madly wave their arms in front of him. One ducky even ran up to him and gave him such a forceful hug that he almost fell right over. It was a close call. It takes a lot of stamina and concentration to stand that still. While on duty, he has also written entire stories in his head (he has a good memory).

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