Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jester Street Performer Ducky

Name: Jester Street Performer Ducky
Interests: Juggling and eating flaming sticks.
Where to Find: Don’t remember.
Brand: Assurance
Price: $3.98 Cdn

Please put money in my hat.

Jester Street Performer Ducky makes his living juggling sticks on fire and a baton. His costume is red and purple and he has a purple star tattoo on his left wing and little flags above his left eye. He has been juggling since he was a wee duck and started out juggling apples and then balls. He will be at the Edmonton Fringe Festival this year so watch for him as he travels across Canada to various fringes and downtown squares.

The official name as printed on the bottom of this ducky is “copyright Jester Duek.” I am thinking that this must be a typo or was it printed on the bottom of all this style of ducky? He also has number ASI-37170 on his bottom.

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