Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lip Gloss Duckies

Name: Lip Gloss Duckies
Interests: Making people feel better and paying it forward.
Where to Find: U of A Hospital Gift Shop
Brand: Cupcakes & Cartwheels
Price: $7.00 Cdn each

At least we are scented. 

My aunt works at the U of A hospital and discovered these lip gloss duckies on one of her lunch breaks. They are overpriced for the amount of lip gloss that you get. The bottom of the duck flips open and there is about two teaspoons of lip gloss. The yellow ducky with the daisies on it is Citrus Burst and it contains an orange sparkly lip gloss. The pink ducky with the red hearts is Sweet Berry and she contains a pink sparkly lip gloss. However, these lip glosses are more like chaptstick because there is no colour, shine or sparkle to them once they are on your lips. I really bought these duckies for the creative containers and the not the lip gloss.

You can collect all 5 duckies. There is also Chocolate Mint which is a white ducky in a tuxedo, Berry Cherry which is a red duck with black dots and Cupcake Party which is a white ducky with multi-coloured polka dots.

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