Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trio of Pink Duckies

Name: Trio of Pink Duckies
Interests: Stopping bullying and anything pink
Where to Find: Don’t know.
Brand: Department 56, Unknown and Schylling (left to right)
Price: Don’t remember

Stop bullies.

Trio of Pink Duckies started an anti-bullying program in their school this year. They created pink hats and sweatshirts as part of the campaign. They also created pink ducky inner tubes for floating down rivers. The ducky in the middle of the picture is wearing an inner tube. The Department 56 ducky (first ducky on the left) was bullied as a child because she was not a typical looking ducky. The ducky on the far right is a light up ducky. Once she is activated she glows for a long time.

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