Monday, July 29, 2013

Policeman, Mini Cyclist and Mini Fireman Duckies

Name: Policeman, Mini Cyclist and Mini Fireman Duckies
Interests: Staying fit and eating healthy.
Where to Find: Elephants Never Forget
Brand: Toysmith
Price: $4.50 for the big one, $2.00 each for the mini ducks

Keeping people safe.

Policeman Ducky is best friends with Mini Cyclist Duck’s Dad, Cyclist Ducky. They went to highschool together and have been friends since that awkward first day of grade 10. They were both super skinny and had lots of zits. They started training for track and field together and have been friends ever since then.

Mini Cyclist Ducky wants to grow up to be just like his Dad, Cyclist Ducky. He has already been in a few triathlons and wants to do tour de France when he is old enough.

Mini Fireman Ducky is wearing a heavy hose around his neck. He has always dreamed of being a fireman. He once put out a fire that he started in a trash can at school. He was still expelled but has always been a bit of pyro. He is trying to be more controlled around fire. He started a really big fire at Boy Scouts and got in trouble for that too. Hi s favourite movie of all time is “Back Draft.”

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