Friday, July 5, 2013

Cyclist Ducky

Name: Cyclist Ducky
Interests: Biking around the world and in various tours.
Where to Find: Elephants Never Forget
Brand: Toysmith
Price: $3.95

3, 403 km - tour de France

As a wee ducky, I rode my sister’s tricycle for my first bike (the bike I am on in the picture). I rode her bike because my family couldn’t afford to buy another tricycle for the boy in the family. Her two wheel bike was red and I had the training wheels off the second time I rode it.

I have always enjoyed biking. I have cycled in the tour de France for the past 3 years. I have also biked in the 6 day Canadian Rockies bike tour. My bike is my transportation and I don’t have an off season. I am always training and always taking my bike somewhere. Next year, he is going to spend 5 years biking around the world.

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