Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yellow and blue Plastic Duckies

Name: Yellow and blue Plastic Duckies
Interests: Reading Moby Duck and dreaming of swimming in the ocean.
Where to Find: Toy Stores
Brand: Unknown
Price: Unknown

We wish we were lost at sea-what an adventure that would be.

These plastic ducks remind me of the book Moby Duck that I read a few years ago. None of these ducks are the plastic ducks that Donovan Hohn was in search of but the yellow ducks look similar. After I read the book, I looked up the ducks that he was searching for on ebay and they were quite basic looking. It would still be neat to own one though.

The blue plastic ducky is rather ancient looking. It would be nice if he had a year printed on the bottom, so I could find out if he is really old or just well loved. Blue duck’s story is that he is both old and well loved by his 10 grandducks and 2 great grandducks. The yellow ducky on the left was made in Thailand and is married to the yellow ducky on the right. They met in Phuket and went to Bangkok for their honeymoon.

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