Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Biker Bud Ducky from Winners

Name: Biker Bud Ducky from Winners
Interests: Babies. I love the smell, cuddles, coos and grunts.
Where to Find: Winners
Brand: Bud
Price: $4.99

I love babies.

Biker Bud Ducky has 6 ducklings of his own. He runs a daycare with human kids for his full-time job. He loves babies and is great at calming them down. He is featured with my son in this picture. My son john is two weeks old today. Biker Ducky has red crosses, white figure 8s and skulls all over his body. I am not sure what is with bikers and skulls but it’s a bit stereotypical to assume that all bikers are into skulls. I know they are a popular paint job on bikes but they can be overdone too. My husband owns two motorcycles but has no skull paraphernalia. Here are some answers of why some bikers like skulls.I am also not sure what the red crosses and 8s mean.

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