Friday, June 21, 2013

Name: Adopted Ducky Family 
Interests: Taking family photos as part of their family run business and attending home school.
Where to Find: Value Village
Brand: Unknown
Price: $2.00 Cdn for the set.

Not all families lookalike.

My aunt bought my daughter a whole bunch of miscellaneous generic duckies, which are a great addition to our collection (yes, I count her ducks in my collection). However, some of the mommy ducks don't have offspring ducks that perfectly fit on their backs. Usually the mommy ducks have a series of baby ducks that perfectly fit onto their backs. This is not the case with the Adopted Ducky Family. The mommy ducky has a pouty ducky bill. The first child ducky has eyes like a strawberry rhubarb pie with one piece missing. He also has bushy eyebrows. The second ducky has dainty eyelashes and she was adopted second. They run their own photography business. This picture of them on this big rock is for their business cards. I have likely blogged this generic ducky a few times and I probably have a few of her.

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