Friday, June 28, 2013

Racer Sunglass Duckies

Name: Racer Sunglasses Duckies
Interests: Relaxing in the hot tub after a long race.
Where to Find: Don’t remember.
Brand: Great American Duck Races, 1996
Price: $2.00 Cdn each

Hot tubs are great.

Racer Sunglasses Duckies have been involved in many river races during the day (hence the sunglasses) and at night too (they all glow in the dark). They have each come in first place at least once,but the ducky with the bright pink beak has been first place 3 times! Turquoise and purple beak have each been second place in two different races. They are all great friends and their favourite post race activity is to relax in the hot tub. I want to host or help organize a ducky race sometime.

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