Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Female Pirate of White Rock Ducky

Name: Female Pirate of White Rock Ducky
Interests: Making seaweed salad with fresh herbs and sword fighting.
Where to Find: Gramma’s Toy shop
Brand: Munchkin
Price: $2.00 Cdn

Garden on my ship.

Female Pirate of White Rock Ducky is shown in her white rock garden on her ship. She grows fresh herbs in her garden for making awesome seaweed salads. She is a bathtub water checker ducky. She has the word “HOT”written on her bottom and it lights up if the bath water is too hot. She is wearing an eye patch, red bandana, and she has a large gold hoop earring in her right ear. Her sword is tucked under her right wing. Her father taught her how to use a sword before he passed away and this sword use to be his. Her biggest pet peeve is when people tell her she can’t be a pirate because she’s female. Get with the times people.

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