Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mommy and Baby Duckies

Name: Mommy and Baby Duckies
Interests: Cuddling and listening to their mommy read books
Where to Find: Shoppers Drug Mart, Kid’s Stuff and My Favourite Aunt’s (for the container)
Brand: Take One (trademarked), Russ (for the container)
Price: $1.49 Cdn, $2.00 for the container

Born today (D-day)

Today is the due date for our second baby, but our baby will arrive when he or she is ready to arrive. These two baby duckies were born today. They have their mom’s eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows. However, the babies don’t have their eyelashes coloured black so it’s hard to see them. The mommy can fit one baby on her back but unlike most ducky mommy and baby sets, she doesn’t have a rounded back that is designed to carry the duckies.

The square cube container shown in this post is Russ brand and is perfect for storing small items on a baby’s dresser. It says A, B and C on the sides of the container. I bought it at Kid’s Stuff and My Favourite Aunt’s.

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