Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ducky Bucket and Slippers

Name: Ducky Bucket and Slippers
Interests: Being filled to the brim with duckies and watching people play ducky toss into me.
Where to Find: Kids Stuff and My Favourite Aunt’s
Brand: Just Ducky
Price: $3.00 Cdn

Everyone needs a ducky bucket.

This Ducky Bucket was used for playing a ducky toss game at my daughter’s first birthday party. It’s a metal bucket and would also look nice with a plant in it or a chilled bottle of wine. My daughter enjoys filling the bucket up with duckies. She also loves wearing the ducky slippers that she has on in this picture. I am not sure how much the ducky slippers cost or where they came from because they were a gift. The stuffed ducky sitting on the stairs is also her favourite and was featured in the Stuffy Ducks post.

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