Thursday, June 20, 2013

Second Act Carnival Duckies and Traffic Cop Ducky

Name: Second Act Carnival Duckies and Traffic Cop Ducky 
Interests: Barbecuing all year long.
Where to Find: Bath Goddess
Brand: Oriental Trading Company
Price: $4.00 Cdn each

We are the Broil Kings trio.

The Second Act Carnival Duckies are part of the Carnival Duckies and are part of the travelling circus. However, they became separated during a tornado and have not reunited with the test of the circus yet, so they have had their own show going on the side. The two headed duckies walk on tight ropes and eat fire sticks. Lucky Ducky has an amazing arm and can throw a baseball huge distances. His act involves throwing balls to break bottles from a thousands of feet away.

During their travels they met Traffic Cop Ducky and had him over for supper to their tent one night. They had a few steaks, lobsters and beers and realized their love for barbecuing and that they all have Broil King barbecues.

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