Thursday, June 27, 2013

Daddy, Baby and Cousin Duckies

Name: Daddy, Baby and Cousin Duckies
Interests: Making movies in the ravine.
Where to Find: Gramma’s Toy shop
Brand: Generic
Price: $2.00 Cdn each

Attack of the toddler feet movie.

Daddy, Baby and Cousin Duckies love the outdoors. In the summer they camp, play in the ravine, swim, hike, play with army men outside, grow gardens, ride bikes and rollerblade to the playground. However, their all time favourite summer outdoor activity is to write scripts and make their own home made scary movies in the ravine to show their friends. When the boy and cousin grow up they want to be famous actors. They both take drama in school and are taking an acting camp for 3 weeks in August.

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