Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fiery Red and Icy Blue Devil Duckies

Name: Fiery Red and Icy Blue Devil Duckies
Interests: Being evil, adding some fire to the tub and dressing up for parties.
Where to Find: Bang-on on Whyte Ave
Brand: Accoutrements 2000
Price: $5.95 Cdn each

The Classic Red Devil Ducky 

Ready to party.

The Fiery Red Devil Ducky is the first and classic Devil Ducky. He is also the only devil ducky that I have seen that has red pupils instead of black pupils. He loves dressing up for parties with his best friend Icy Blue Devil Ducky. These are the first two devil duckies that I bought and I bought them in the year 2000 so they probably cost a lot more to buy today.

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